No Longer Purely for Aesthetics

Auto glass tinting used to be for just darkening windows to have an aesthetically pleasing car. Now there are advanced technologies that stop UVA/B rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s interior will not only be protected from the sunlight, but also provide you with a more comfortable driving experience on hot, sunny days. You will also benefit from the added privacy that window tints provide, making potential theft difficult.

Types of Window Tint We Use

  • 3M (Premium Tint)
  • SLP (Economy Tint)

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Types of Tint

Our Technology

Ceramica Film

Skyline Reflections is the one of the only window tinting business in Hamilton that uses Ceramica film to fully prevent glare and enhance your driving experience. Ceramica window tinting maximizes heat and ultraviolet rejection, keeping your vehicle cool and secure.

Computerized Tinting System

At Skyline Reflections, we use a computerized tinting system so you can select the darkness of your windows, and we use laser technology to custom cut the film to your car for a seamless match. We provide a standard service for a much better value, and with a better result.

Pick Up & Drop Off Service

At Skyline Reflections, we service ALL vehicles large or small.  We offer a courtesy shuttle service if need be.

Service F.A.Q.

Turn around time is 2 hours.

Starting price is $219.99 for a full tint.

Warranties range from 5 years – lifetime.

We’re 3M Certified. – As a 3M certified installer, Skyline Reflections has training and experience to ensure sure that our installs exceed industry standards.

It’s Easy. – Drop off your vehicle at Skyline Reflections, come back within 2 hours or  hang out in our  cozy showroom that is equip with FREE Wi-Fi and refreshments.